I am currently a PhD candidate at Temple University, as a member of Temple AGI Team. My research direction is Artificial General Intelligence. I have been curious about how our mind works since I was a child. My ideal is to create a thinking machine, which is as intelligent as, or even more intelligent than, human beings. I have devoted myself to exploring the principles of intelligence, building a theory of intelligence, creating intelligent machines, and liberating human beings from burdensome mental work.

📖 Education

  • 2022.08 – Now, Ph.D. Computer and Information Sciences, Temple University.
  • 2019.09 – 2022.06, M.S. Peking University.
  • 2015.09 – 2019.06, B. Eng. University of Science and Technology Beijing.

📝 Publications



  • What is Meant by AGI? On the Definition of Artificial General Intelligence. Bowen Xu, 2024.
    • I summarized the genious ideas on the definitions of intelligence proposed in previous works.
    • The definition of AGI was provided, “An Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system is a computer that is adaptive to the open environment with limited computational resources and that satisfies certain principles.” The terms ‘adaptive’, ‘open environment’, and ‘certain principles’ were specified in the paper. (Video by James Griffin)

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🎖 Honors, Awards, and Patents

  • 2019, Outstanding Dissertation Award of Beijing
  • 2019, Outstanding Graduate of Beijing
  • 2020, China Graduate Mathematical Modeling Competition, the National Second Prize
  • 2014, China Adolescent Robotics Competition, the National Second Prize
  • 2014, Fujian Adolescent Robotics Competition, the Provincial Champion
  • 2022, A Method of Constructing Sparse Look-Up Table, Invention Patent, Applied (ZL202210465837.8), China
  • 2020, A Magnetic-Field-based Orientation Method for Human-Computer Interaction, Invention Patent, Granted (ZL201810413360.2), China

💬 Presentations

🤝 Professional Service

  • Program Committee, Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, 2023&2024.

⚙ Projects

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